I am almost back to where I started with a bare frame. All the parts that were installed were to make sure everything
lined up at the end. The new radiator came in and painted (not the fins). The new mounts were all cleaned up and
painted. More coats are needed on some. The brakes were pulled apart, cleaned, and painted. They are ready to
to be put back together but will not be mounted up to the frame until the end. The motor still is waiting its turn to get
my attention. Brackets for the air box still needs to be modified and the upper motor mount needs to be stronger.
I plan to have everything painted and running tomorrow. But I know that will never happen. My dog in the picture
is named Chevy. He is 9 years old and weighs about 80 pounds. My other Boxer is just out of frame. Her name
is Trixie and she weighs about 65 pound. She is 9 years old also.
Yes that is a full set of Ricochet skids and full AlumiTech rear CV guards hanging in my rafters. 

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IMG_6125.JPG IMG_6126.JPG IMG_6127.JPG IMG_6128.JPG IMG_6129.JPG
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