I made a bracket to hold the front bumper in place and also hold the front plastics up. The welds look like crap but 
once everything is cleaned up and painted it will look nice. I never would have thought mounting a radiator would 
require this much time. All the old and new parts were all placed in one section waiting their turns to be modified.
I also had to beat the crap out of the rear sub-frame to get everything to align. I knew this frame had been in a race
or two but would not have guessed it was this much out of wack.

IMG_6050.JPG IMG_6051.JPG IMG_6052.JPG IMG_6054.JPG IMG_6055.JPG
IMG_6056.JPG IMG_6057.JPG IMG_6058.JPG IMG_6059.JPG IMG_6060.JPG
IMG_6062.JPG IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6064.JPG IMG_6065.JPG IMG_6066.JPG


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