The wheels are here but need tires. The fuel lines are ran and regulator mounted. The oil cooler is installed and plumbed and the 
radiator hoses are all in place. The exhaust is on with the new O2 sensor bungs welded in for the new ECM and the clutch
cover is on. I got to looking at the motor and noticed a lot of rusted bolts due to some engine cleaners that was used in the past.
So I went and bought new bolts to replace all of them. I still have a few sizes I still need to get but most of them have been
replaced. The heat shield has been modified to fit the new frame and is ready for the polishing wheel. Some touch up paint
is still needed in places but I still need to build a few brackets. New shock covers from Competition Sports in Mississippi
are in and ready to cover the yellow shock springs. New fluids are needed along with mounting up the new wheels. More 
updates to come!!!

IMG_9014.JPG IMG_9015.JPG IMG_9016.JPG IMG_9017.JPG IMG_9018.JPG
IMG_9019.JPG IMG_9020.JPG IMG_9021.JPG IMG_9022.JPG IMG_9023.JPG
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