A few changes have been made since the last update. The motor and tranny is in for good and the wiring harness is complete. 
The 56mm throttle body is done and ready to go. An old intake is being used until the MrRPM race intake is complete. I
ditched the stock outlander brakes and went with a modified Renegade dual brake setup. The front brakes is still inboard
which required modifying the outlander brake lines. The wheels should be in any day now and I am waiting on the Tune
Monster ECM to arrive at my door. Still a ton more work to do.

IMG_8631.JPG IMG_8632.JPG IMG_8633.JPG IMG_8634.JPG IMG_8635.JPG
IMG_8636.JPG IMG_8637.JPG IMG_8638.JPG IMG_8639.JPG IMG_8640.JPG