I've been able to knock a lot of stuff off my to-do list. The brakes have been installed and blead. The seat brackets
have been fabbed up and the motor mount has been upgraded. I am still amazed at the amount of work this project
is requiring. I know at the end of the project I will have something that I will be proud of and know the I have
modified just about everything on it. Im having a blast. I had to cut off the seat mounts that came with the frame.
The side plastic tabs did not line up and the seat had to be modified in order for it to fit. The air box also did not
have a rear mounting tab that was anywhere near where it needed to be. All the tabs and bars that was associated
with the seat was cut off. I have a spare frame I use for parts that still had a front seat bracket attached. I really did
not want to use it but did not see a better way. Next task will be mounting the oil cooler and then painting all the
new metal. What sucks is that some of the freshly painted metal was killed when brake fluid was splashed all over
them. O well. Once the frame is done I hope I can finally start on the motor. MORE TO COME!!!

IMG_7442.JPG IMG_7443.JPG IMG_7444.JPG IMG_7445.JPG IMG_7446.JPG
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