After a couple months break due to a knee injury I am back on the project. Today is a special day because the new project
has rolled out of the shop on its own wheels. These are not the final wheels but only for mock up. A few more updates
have been done to the wiring harness and some of the frame pieces have been painted. The front suspension has been
bolted up and ready to be adjusted. The upper and lower a-arms are fully adjustable. The front bumper has been
mounted and new fuel lines started from the pump. A final check list has been made on the shop door and being updated
daily. The skid plate that came with the frame has been removed and the plastics have been double checked for fitment.
The rear trunk has been cut out of the rear plastics to make room for the shock reservoir and future power adder. 
Next I will be starting on the brakes the upgrading the motor mount tabs. Its funny how beefy the frame is but has 
a weak upper motor mount. The air box mounting tabs are also way whacked out and will see the spark from my
welding machine. The oil cooler needs to be mounted and some other projects started. Over the past month a lot
of new things have been lined up for the X. I am very excited and hope everything is ready before Monkey Mayhem 3.

IMG_7401.JPG IMG_7402.JPG IMG_7403.JPG IMG_7404.JPG IMG_7405.JPG
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IMG_7411.JPG IMG_7412.JPG IMG_7413.JPG IMG_7414.JPG IMG_7415.JPG
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