This project is to upgrade my existing stock frame to a Bopp Racing Components racing frame. I will also be adding a full
set of STM clutches, and refreshing up my MrRPM 1004R motor. 
My first day on the project was basically tearing down the old frame and starting on the new frame. All of the parts are 
cleaned before they are installed and some are painted. The front and rear suspension was started along with putting the
gas tank in place. Here are some pictures of the previous owners. This frame was featured in ATV RIDER magazine.

IMG_5929.JPG IMG_5930.JPG IMG_5931.JPG IMG_5932.JPG IMG_5933.JPG
IMG_5934.JPG IMG_5935.JPG IMG_5936.JPG IMG_5937.JPG IMG_5942.JPG
IMG_5944.JPG IMG_5945.JPG IMG_5946.JPG IMG_5947.JPG IMG_5948.JPG
IMG_5949.JPG IMG_5950.JPG IMG_5951.JPG IMG_5952.JPG IMG_5953.JPG
IMG_5954.JPG IMG_5956.JPG IMG_5957.JPG IMG_5958.JPG IMG_5959.JPG


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