Ricochet Skid Plates

   To protect the under side of our project Rincon we called up our friends at Ricochet. They sent us some skids along with 10 pounds of mounting hardware. We was impressed with the amount of work that has to take place to make these skids. Multiple bends and welds was counted on both the front bash plate and the belly skid.

183_8346.JPG 183_8347.JPG 183_8348.JPG 

First to come off was the rear A-arm skids. The factory has shown many times that it does not have the protection in the mud and swamps. The Ricochet skids bolted up using supplied hardware. Although we would have liked to see more front and rear protection, these will do a lot better then the stockers.

183_8344.JPG 183_8349.JPG 183_8350.JPG

Second was the front A-arm skids. Supplied hardware is used to mount these up with no real problems.

183_8343.JPG 183_8351.JPG 183_8352.JPG

The belly skid was next to go on. It took some creative hand movements to get all the hardware in place to mount it up but once the key was found everything went right in place.

183_8342.JPG 183_8345.JPG 183_8355.JPG 183_8353.JPG

The front bash plate went on last again with no problems. We cannot say enough about the quality of these skids.


All in all these skids are great. Ricochet has the market beat on quality. We would like to see more coverage on the rear A-arms and more coverage on the belly skid. Changing the oil has become a task due to the size of the drain hole and if not done right can result in the skin on your thumb being sliced off by the skid. It does not feel good!! MaD

183_8341.JPG 183_8356.JPG

Ricochet skids can be found at http://www.utahsportcycle.com/