Rincon Fan Over-ride

   If you own a Honda Rincon or Rubicon and you ride in the mud or ride hard in the woods you know that the cooling system on your bike does not cut it. Nothing makes me madder than to see the over-temp light come on. One way to fix this is by installing an over-ride switch for the fan. This will allow you to turn your fan on and leave it on while you are riding between mud holes. We installed one of these switches on a Rincon 1 year ago and the bike has not over heated once since.

To start this mod you need to remove the plastic around the gas tank.


Remove the 2 rubber straps and 2 bolts that holds the gas tank to the frame. Pull the tank back to expose the wiring harness.

 186_8625.JPG 186_8626.JPG

Locate the fan wiring connector and pull it loose from the frame


With a wire splice connector tap into the green wire.

 186_8628.JPG 186_8629.JPG 186_8630.JPG

Connect this wire to one side of a switch.


Connect the other side of the switch to a ground. We connected ours to a shifter bracket bolt.

186_8637.JPG 186_8638.JPG

Now you can re-mount the gas tank and all the plastic


We decided to mount our switch to the front radiator cover.

186_8639.JPG 186_8640.JPG