Once again we called PRM when needed some skid plates for one of our Rincons. PRM sent us some of their thickest skids and I must say that we was impressed. Right out of the box we could tell that we was not looking at a cut up stop sign made into a skid plate. At first look we could see that the belly skid had the most coverage then any other skids we have installed. The belly skid started under the front bash plate and covered all the way to the rear of the frame. Everything is covered.

HR-rinny 017.jpg 

We started with the rear A-arms by first removing the stockers. Using the supplied bolts and the factory nuts the rear skids was done. Although the rear skids does not have the protection that we think is needed deep in the mud we think it will do OK.

HR-rinny 003.jpg HR-rinny 019.jpg HR-rinny 004.jpg HR-rinny 047.jpg HR-rinny 020.jpg

The front A-arms was a little difficult. The supplied bolts was not long enough and the we had some major clearance issues with the drum brakes. We replaced the supplied bolts with some that was about a half inch longer from a local hardware store and trimmed the A-arm skid where it hit the drums and we was good. I was surprised that we had the troubles that we did. Clearly this is not good for the average rider with limited tools. Once the problem areas was fixed and the plates was installed we liked what we saw.

HR-rinny 010.jpg HR-rinny 034.jpg HR-rinny 022.jpg HR-rinny 023.jpg HR-rinny 024.jpg HR-rinny 025.jpg HR-rinny 030.jpg HR-rinny 031.jpg

Next was the belly skid. A total of 12 supplied bolts is used to hold this thing on. Again we ran into trouble with the bolts. Some of the supplied bolts was not long enough and most of the bolt holes did not line up. We was able to make most of them work and the others we made work by way of a file. Once on I can say that this is THE BADDEST skid plate on the market today that Ive seen.

HR-rinny 035.jpg HR-rinny 005.jpg HR-rinny 008.jpg HR-rinny 009.jpg HR-rinny 040.jpg HR-rinny 043.jpg HR-rinny 037.jpg HR-rinny 036.jpg HR-rinny 042.jpg HR-rinny 048.jpg HR-rinny 049.jpg

Last and not to be out done with problems was the front bash plate. If the holes would have been drilled in the right place it would have been great. Instead we had to file the hell out of one of the holes to make the other 3 work with the 4th. It used the factory bolts in the factory locations to mount up.

HR-rinny 011.jpg HR-rinny 012.jpg HR-rinny 018.jpg HR-rinny 041.jpg HR-rinny 044.jpg HR-rinny 045.jpg

It goes without saying that these skids needs some major looking into by its makers. Holes not lining up and plates hitting the drum brakes is not the way to say that we have the best skids on the market. Me personally I will buy another set of these skids to go on my next bike but then again I have the tools to fix the problems. If these problem areas is fixed by PRM they should have the crown for best belly skid.  MaD  

A call was directed to the PRM guys and I was told that the problems would be taken care of. 

PRM skids can be bought at

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