Marvel Mystery Oil

  If you ride your bike in mud or water you need to know about this stuff. One common problem that everyone at one time has is getting water into your oil. If you have ever had this happen you know how hard it is to drain all the water out of the motor. Because water and oil does not mix trying to remove the water from the motor can be very hard and expensive. We have changed our oil over 6 times and still have water in it. 
  On the advice from a respected MaD member we looked into a product called Marvel Mystery Oil. This can be bought at any parts stores and even at Wal-Mart. 
  The way it works is by absorbing all the water in the motor and oiling all the parts at the same time. When draining this product out you drain more of the water and dirt out. 
  We first used this on our project Rinny. We had been doing some work on the bike and forgot to connect the crank case vent line. The motor had so much water in the motor that is was draining out of the crank case vent line. We drained the motor of all the oil and cleaned the oil filter in gas to remove the water from the filter.
1) The Rincon requires about 3 quarts of oil. We poured 2 quarts of Marvel Mystery Oil and 1 quart of regular cheap oil into the motor and cranked it up for 1 minute.

2) We again drained all the oil out of the motor and cleaned the oil filter with gas

3) We filled the motor back up with 1 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil and 2 quarts of oil and drove the bike around to heat it up. We rode it for about 5 minutes to heat the motor up and to flush all the Marvel Mystery Oil in all the barrings.

4) We again drained the oil, replace the oil filter with a new one and filled the bike up with the recommend oil for our Rincon.

5) We again drove the bike for about 10 minutes and check the oil dip stick. We saw no hint of water.

Most of the time you should be able to start at #3 if you only get a little water in the oil. This is the case if when you look at your dip stick you see white spots. If the dip stick is all one color, usually a chocolate milk color, you will need to do the hole process.

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