MacSim Guard
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  To protect our Project Rincon from the effects of mud and water in the recoil starter we called one of our sponsors and was sent a MacSim Guard. A MacSim Guard is a piece of lexan that covers the rear area of the motor once the recoil backup starter is removed.

  Anyone that keeps their ATV in the mud knows that if your battery ever went dead and you had to start your motor with the recoil starter you would be out of luck. Most of the time the recoil starter is full of mud and once pulled out will not recoil back.
 The mud that packs into the recoil starter case is in direct contact with the rear crank seal. If left long enough the mud can damage the rear seal and leak mud and water into your motor. This can and will cause major damage to your motor.

   To stop this the recoil starter is removed and the MacSim Guard is installed in its place. 

The rear tires and side plastic was removed to gain access to the recoil bolts

The recoil starter is removed
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To remove the crank bolt that holds the recoil starter pulley we had to unbolt the rear brakes to allow us to use an impact wrench on the bolt.
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Reusing the stock o-ring and crank bolt the MacSim boss is installed in place of the recoil starter pulley.
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The recoil housing weep hole is plugged with a plug
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The Lexan plate is bolted up to the motor using the provided bolts
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