High Lifter Belly Skid Plate

   To protect the greasy side of my Rincon a call was placed to High Lifter.

The factory skid was pulled off and it was clear that the factory skid was not protecting my bike. I tore this thing up. The High Lifter skid went right in place with no problems and bolted right up using existing holes and supplied hardware. I was disappointed at the amount of rear coverage this skid gave us but was impressed at the fitment. 

181_8102.JPG 181_8103.JPG 181_8104.JPG 181_8105.JPG 181_8106.JPG 181_8107.JPG 181_8108.JPG

High Lifters big feature on these skids is the oil door. This is a plate that is held on by 3 screws that when removed gives you the best access to your oil drain. The problem that we found is the screws. I have bigger screws holding the plastic on my Rinny. These are hex head screws that strip out very easily. Our first skid from High Lifter had this problem from the factory. A call to High Lifter and a new skid was in route to my door to replace the bad one. The hex heads also will round out very easily making it very hard to remove the plate. Mud will also give tons of problems once it dries inside the hex screw. This is an easy fix that I wish High Lifter would do. Replace the small computer screws with bigger bolts to hold the door on. I would give a little not to have the problems I am having every time I change my oil. MaD   

181_8109.JPG 181_8110.JPG 181_8111.JPG 181_8112.JPG

High Lifter products can be found at http://www.highlifter.com/