HIPER Carbon Fiber Bead locks Install

It was time to upgrade the tires and wheels on the XC 450R.net project quad so we decided to go with the Hiper Carbon Fiber Bead locks and Razr 2 tires. So we made the phone call to C&D Racing and got them on the way. To help bring in the front end some after the Burgard +1 a-arms we went with the 4-1 offset on the front and stock offset on the rear. We went with the 20-11-9 rear tires and 22-7-10 on the front. I was real pleased with the fir and finish of the wheels. They were packed well and we received them in perfect condition. So now on to the install it was a simple install. This ended up taking longer than we expected due to having to torque so many bolts to spec. Here are a few shots of the rims and tires before install.

192_9275.JPG  192_9276.JPG  192_9277.JPG

  First off you will need some WD-40 or something similar to help the rim and tire slide more freely during the install. It makes it a lot more messy but faster as well. So we first sprayed the lip of the wheel and the inner ring of the tire generously with WD-40.
192_9278.JPG   192_9283.JPG  192_9284.JPG

  Next you want to sit the rim on the ground and angle the tire so you can slide the lip of the rim into the tire.

 192_9285.JPG  192_9279.JPG 

You can use your hands to help guide the tire over the rim, a tire tool or something similar is very use full here. The front goes on easily but the rear definitely will require the use of a tire tool.

192_9286.JPG  192_9287.JPG  192_9288.JPG

  Now after the rim in sitting inside the tire you want to install the locking ring. We went ahead at this step and torque the ring and the bolts on the wheel as well. We went by the specs given by Hiper with the instructions. This is the time consuming part of the installation. The important part here is to do it gradual and go in a star pattern. You want to do one a little then go to another bolt so it goes on evenly.

 192_9290.JPG  192_9291.JPG  192_9292.JPG  192_9293.JPG

  Once you get the bolts taken care of you need to air up the tire to seat the bead. You should have something that resembles the picture below at this point.


  Now for the fun part of the rear bead locks. You will use the same technique as above but you will be using the tire tool a lot more with the rear tires than the front. So you want to start by sitting the rim on the ground like with the front ones. Then we angled the tire above the rim and started working it at an agle so the rim would slide in it. Just take your time here there is a technique and it will go on even if at first you do not think its going to work.

 192_9295.JPG  192_9296.JPG   192_9297.JPG  192_9298.JPG

  With the dual bead locks this is a longer process than the front set. Once you got one side like above you need to go ahead and flip it over and start on the other. This is the hardest part of the install. You will want to use a tire tool or something similar to get between the tire and rim and use it to hold the tire up so you can slide the rim easier. You may notice the WD-40 in these pictures, it helps a lot so do not use sparingly.

192_9299.JPG  192_9300.JPG  193_9301.JPG  193_9302.JPG 

  So at this point you should have the rim in the tire ready to put the ring on and torque the bolts. Take your time here and do it right so you do not get broke down somewhere wishing you would have checked the bolts. Again go in the star pattern and do them gradually working your way around. For the amateur use your hand tools, we set our Craftsman cordless drill so it was weak and got them to a good point that way and finished them off with the torque wrench. But you have to be care full not to over tighten.

 193_9303.JPG  193_9304.JPG  193_9305.JPG

  Now you should be done and have something similar to the picture below. 


  So if you are curious to the tools needed, here are some shots of what we used to install the rims and tires. Wd-40, torque wrench, flat head screw driver, and we used a 1/2 in extension for a tire tool and a 19 volt Craftsman cordless drill.

192_9289.JPG  192_9280.JPG  192_9281.JPG  192_9282.JPG