To give our Grizzly more ground clearance we contacted YaskyATV for one of their HighLifter front lift kits. The kit comes complete with all the brackets and bolts needed to lift the front of your Grizzly. For the rear we pulled out the spindle bolts and flipped the spindle upside down to move the hub closer to the bottom of the suspension. This gave us almost 2 more inches of ground clearance. 
  One note to this lift is older Grizzly's are known for breaking axles. The new Grizzly do have upgraded stronger axles but they still break axles. You do not need to lift your bike to clear 28 inch tires. During the first ride on our lift we broke an axle on the second hole and decided to remove the lift. We have talked to many people who either had the same problems we had or had never broken an axle. 

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