Eagle One "Etching" Mag Cleaner is the best thing that I have found to clean my motor after a hard day in the mud. Eagle One will almost restore your motor back to the way it looked on the showroom floor. Using it is very simple. Just be sure that the motor is cool before you start. With a power washer or a high pressure garden hose spray the motor off to clean the big clumps of mud off of the motor. Then spray one side of the motor with the Eagle One to fully cover the side. Count to 30 and with the high pressure spray the Eagle One off. Go to the other side of the motor and repeat the process. Depending on how bad your motor is you might have to repeat the process a couple of times. If I would have known about this a long time ago my bike would have never been nasty.  

176_7672.JPG 176_7673.JPG

Hose it off to get all the chunks off the motor. Be sure that the motor is cool.
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Spray the cleaner on one side of the motor and let sit for 30 seconds. Spray off with high pressure water hose or power washer.

If your motor is bad then you might have to clean it more then one time. Just repeat until the motor is done.
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No touch, no mess, clean motor.
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