High Lifter Pen-Lock Deferential Handle Lock

   One of the minor inconveniences that the Brute Force has is that if you want to have your front-end locked you have to pull the diff lock handle and hold it the hole time. If you have to move on the bike or you have to move your left hand the differential will come unlocked. This problem can be solved with Highlifters Pen-Lock deferential handle lock. The way it works is by pressing a pen when the diff lock lever if pulled to hold the lever in place. Installation is a breeze and the kit comes will everything you need.

0041.JPG 0042.JPG 0043.JPG 
The kit comes with step-by-step instructions and a hole punch needed to complete the install

0044.JPG 0045.JPG
Remove the lever cover to expose the lever and its hardware

0054.JPG 0056.JPG
Remove the lever bolt and replace it with the pen lock

0058.JPG 0060.JPG 0059.JPG
Using the supplied punch tool we cut a round hole in the stock lever cover so that the Pen-Lock could be exposed.