PRM Summit Front Bumper and Desert Style Grab Bar

  It was time to get some protection for our new 450R. We called up our friends at PRM and got them to send us their Summit front bumper and their Desert Style grab bar. PRM is known for having some really strong products that can take the types of beatings that we at MUDandDIRT put our quads through.
   After looking and testing some of the other bumpers on the market we found that most did not have enough places to grab the bike to pull it out of the ruts and sometimes out of the trees. This is a common problem during an XC race. PRM had what we were looking for plus had the quality to hold up to the occasional run it with a tree.
   The install went pretty smooth. There were a few delays with the front bumper. The holes were not drilled exactly right. You could see the punch mark and the hole wasn’t drilled exactly center but nothing a file didn’t handle rather quickly. Other than this there was nothing else that caused a snag with the install. The grab bar went on as easy as the stock one was removed. There was even a little built in cable holder for the cable running to the brake light, which we thought, was a sign of great quality.
   We are very pleased with the PRM bumpers. We have had our 450R in the ruts and in the trees and never had a problem with pulling the bike out. 

On a Side Note

   We knew PRM products were tough but we never dreamed they were this tough! During one of our test rides we put the front PRM bumper to the extreme test. Our rider was riding down a fire road in 4th gear and encountered an unexpected whoop. The bike bucked the rear end up on the front wheels and by the time he regained control it hit another one and it threw the rider into some trees. This was some thick stuff way to thick to walk through. The bike broke about 3 trees with the front bumper about the diameter of your fist balled up. The rider came over the handlebars and cracked his helmet on some more trees. The only damage done to the bike was a broken front fender where it rolled into the ground! “I have never hit anything this hard and there is not a even a scratch or a dent on anything PRM!” Nobody at the track could believe it.
   The rider (Brandon) was fine and will make a full recovery with a new helmet and some better riding boots. MaD