If you want to put aftermarket handle bars on your 450R you are either going to need to relocate your key switch and neutral light or remove them from your bike. If you remove the switch and light you will need to trick your bikes ignition into thinking the the key is always on.

Start off with removing your front hood to expose the wire harnesses on the left side of the bike. If you are not able to get to these harnesses you will need to remove the front plastic as well. Because we were doing some other projects on the bike we had the front plastic off.

Trace the neutral light wiring to the harnesses and unplug it. 

Once unplugged we filled the connector with dielectric grease and taped the connector closed. This will prevent corrosion and allow us to reinstall the light later without any problems.

186_8619.JPG 186_8620.JPG 186_8621.JPG

Next trace the key switch wiring to the harnesses and unplug it.

Once unplugged you can remove the key switch, neutral light and the mounting plate from the bike.


Next disconnect the key switch connector harness from the frame. This can be done with a small flat head screw driver.

Using a wire splicing connector splice both the red and the black wire together. This is basically tricking your ignition switch into thinking that the key is always on. The other wires in the connector are not needed.

186_8617.JPG 186_8618.JPG

Again using some dielectric grease and tape we sealed the connector.

Now we are able to simply jump on the bike and kick start the bike without a key.