400EX 250R Hood Install


Having new aftermarket plastic and a new oversized gas tank really helped us on this mod. We first bolted up the front finder to the larger tank. If you are going to be using your stock plastic then I would suggest not unbolting your front plastic from the bike. We did not bolt up the plastic to the bike but towards the end we found that if we had the process would have been a little cleaner. The reason for this is because once the finders are bolted to the bike the finder will take its true shape. An unbolted finder will be close but is still a little warped. 

First do a rough cut on the finder to remove the stock ignition piece.
 180_8016.JPG 180_8017.JPG

Take your new hood and drill 2 holes in the lower factory places.

Lining the hood up and best you can transfer the holes to the finder.

With the hood in place and temporarily fastened we can measure what needs to be cut on the upper part of the finder to make the hood sit flat on the finder as best we can. We opted not to cut the lower finder due to the complexity of the cut and the mounting options. We wanted to keep it as clean as we could.
180_8021.JPG 180_8020.JPG

Our second mounts would use the factory hood fastening locations already on the finder.

Because the hood sat so high off the finder mounts we needed to heat the plastic mounts and mold them upward to get them closer to the hood.
 180_8023.JPG 180_8024.JPG 180_8025.JPG 180_8026.JPG 180_8028.JPG 180_8029.JPG

Once this was done we were able to transfer these mounting holes to the hood and mount it up.

After checking for fitment and clearance we found that the hood did not follow the contours of the finder closer to the top. Again with a B.B.Q. grill lighter we heated up the plastic from the bottom and molded the plastic to the desired shape.

After the hood is completed clean up all the cuts with some sand paper and heat. Here is the completed install of the hood.
180_8031.JPG 180_8032.JPG