Installing snorkels, exhaust, and high flow air filters alters your motors air to fuel ratios. Running lean or running rich robs your ATV of horse power and could cause major problems over the life of your ATV. Short term problems such as over heating and fouling spark plugs can also be caused by EFI and carburetors being out of adjustment.
          The MaD MotorSport tuning team can tune your EFI or carburetor back to maximum efficiency for peak horse power.
          Our Tuners have years of tuning experience tuning EFI and carburetors on most all ATV brands on the market. We know what works and what doesn't based on our tuning experience and years in the ATV racing scene.
          If you want the maximum performance out of your ATV, MaD MotorSport tuning should be your final stop for full and part throttle complete performance.

Carburetor tuning - $200
Dual Carbs $400
Limited Availability
Does not include Jet kit

EFI Dual tuning - $400
( Dual tuning includes tuning both front and rear
 cylinders to maximum efficiency separately)

Tune Monster Tuning - $500

(All Prices include O2 sensor exhaust bung installation)

Current tuning locations are in Mobile Alabama only.
Special tuning offers made for groups of 5 or more.
Please email for scheduling.
Current tuning days are Saturday and Sunday.


          We believe our tunes are superior over most dyno tunes due to our "True Load" tuning technique. Unlike most ATV dynos our tuning technique puts the motor under real world loads and real world stresses. Most ATV dynos are not able to achieve these loads due to their dyno rollers weighing over half the weight of most ATVs. Dynos are recommended for before and after motor modifications but we believe our tuning is superior.
          We use DynoJet jet kits for tuning carburetors and DynoJet Power Commanders for EFI tuning. We can also tune Tune Monster ECMs.
         We fine tune EFI systems in every 20% throttle position levels and every 250 RPMs in those positions. We also tune carburetors at idle, low, mid, and wide open throttle positions.
Our superior tuning proof are our customers.